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Above & Beyond Blue Pea Gin

Above & Beyond Blue Pea Gin
Above & Beyond Blue Pea Gin
Natural imported Blue Pea flowers give an earthy undertone with the intense blue colour being an added benefit. The backbone of the gin is provided by the strong juniper and flower undertones supported by sweet notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and a hint of lime.

Case of 3 bottles of Above & Beyond Blue Pea Gin.
Technical Analysis
Wine Information
Brand Group Le Belle Distillery Range
Other All fresh ingredients (11 in total) are soaked in 61.5 Vol % overnight. The next morning the distillation process is started and after about running for 4 hours the first signs of gin emerge. A controlled Colom potstill is used to ensure purity of flavours. This gin is different than the other two because after het distillation is complete the blue pea flowers is added and its soaked for 24 hours. The Gin is allowed to rest for a month to ensure the flavours marry. The final process is diluting the Gin with filtered mountain water to 43 Vol %.
Variety n/a
Blend Percentage
Food Suggestion
  • Range: Le Belle Distillery Range
R360.00 per item
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